Three Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

There are wedding ceremonies performed every day. Unfortunately, some of them seem like they are too similar to those that have happened before. While this is not the worst thing in the world, your special day should be wondrous and unique. Here are a few tips that will help you personalize the event and make it an occasion for all to remember.

Ditch The Bouquet

Everyone walks down the aisle with a nice bunch of flowers in hand, but how about doing something very different. Carrying a parasol, jeweled clutch or something else unique will be far more memorable. Sure, you may not have anything to toss to the women who want to be married next, but you will definitely stand out.

Get Creative With The Music

While there are many people who opt not to have the traditional wedding music, many of them fall back on old trusted love songs. This is somewhat unique, but it is not exactly dripping with creativity. Instead of trying to choose a song based on the fact that love is in the air, try something that has personal meaning. For example, if you met your spouse while listening to Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer," that would be a good choice. Also it's also a good idea to get a professional disc jockey to make the entertainment memorable, services like the islands dj allow you to set your own playlist.

Dance At The Ceremony

Why do you have to wait until you are at your reception to dance? The minute you are pronounced man and wife, you should grab your spouse and sway to music that was selected carefully beforehand. Everyone expects to see a dance, but it will surprise them to have it occur at that very moment.

Getting married is something that will change your life forever. This is why it is so important that your wedding is a memorable event for you and everyone who you invite to share your special day. If you have the budget be sure to leave in style in a cool limo, for that we recommend you check out Use this advice to help you stand out and create lasting memories.