The Forbidden Therapy – Stem Cell

Stem cell therapy or commonly called as Regenestem is the method that provides solution to improve health and quality of life. It is the facility that is available at Amerimed Hospital and Costa Med Hospital at Cancun. It makes use of adult stem cells harvested from the patient's own bone marrow and blood.

The therapy may be capable of treating conditions for which there is currently no effective option. This therapy is very impressive and extensive as it is used to cure various diseases which were once thought incurable like

1) Autism

2) Cardiovascular Diseases

3) Cerebral Palsy

4) Diabetes

5)Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

6) Macular Degeneration

Stem cell therapy has a huge potential and should be considered as a healing treatment for injuries or organ damage. Systemic stem cell therapy shows promise in treating neurological conditions.

It is supplemented using stem cell technologies at targeted injections of harvested stem cells. These injections are useful when nutritional support does not create enough healing effect on the injured area. Stem cells can be found in the bone marrow, blood and cords of adults; normal cells can also be reverse-engineered to have limited stem cell capabilities.

The major risk associated with this therapy is the risk of cancer. It is caused by cells that rapidly multiply and don't self-destruct normally. This therapy can also results in the Tumor growth.