Financial report of Intel in 2nd quarter of 2015

Yesterday, Intel released its financial report for 2nd quarter of 2015. The report suggested that in the 2nd quarter, total revenue of Intel is 13.2 billion US dollars, compared with last year, it is reduced by 5%, and compared with last season, it is increased 3%. Net profit is 2.7 billion US dollars, reduced by 3% compared with last year. 

During the 2nd quarter, its business was moved to IoT, data center etc. Those business takes 70% of the total profit. Though, the demand of PC market is not good, its business is not affected too much. 

Following is the detail of the financial report from Suverimax:

1. Total revenue of PC department is about 7.54 billion US dollars. Last year, it was 8.72 billion US dollars

2. Total revenue of Data Center department is about 3.85 billion US dollars. Last year, it was 3.51 billion US dollars

3. Total revenue of IoT department is 559 million US dollars. It was 539 million US dollars last year. 

4. Total revenue of software is 534 million US dollars, it was 548 million US dollars last year.

5. Total revenue of other business is 715 million US dollars, and in last year, it was 517 million US dollars. 

Considering Skylate and Windows 10 will be launched within this year, in the second half of 2015, Intel may have good performance in market.