Can Marijuana Use Harm Female Fertility?

Marijuana is not a harmful substance. Although marijuana is known to affect sperm.

Now, the question that everyone wants to know is, will it affect female fertility?

There is not much evidence that cannabis has any effect on the female reproductive system. This is probably because it would be kind of hard to carry out a proper trial.

I mean, female fertility is unpredictable enough with it’s discrete factors without having to add medical marijuana to the mix.

Whenever a woman uses marijuana, their reproductive fluids will contain the substance. This is the same for nicotine and other drugs as well. But, if you are going to inhale medical cannabis, you should vape it.

Now, there has been a test on female mine to learn about how marijuana affects the reproductive system. The researched showed that when the mice were exposed to cannabis, the eggs failed to implant in the uterus.

So this tells me that medical cannabis does affect female fertility to some degree.

Now, I am not someone that smokes or vapes cannabis, so I can not tell you first hand if it will affect female reproduction.

I can only say that the female reproductive system is complicated enough that you don't need to add more strain to your body by using marijuana.

Now, if you are using marijuana for medical purposes, I don't believe it would harm you enough to keep you from reproducing, but it will effect it.

As I have mentioned before, there are not enough studies to know for sure about the effect marijuana has on female fertility.

So, it is not something that I would risk if I were trying to conceive.

If you would like more information on the effects of MJ on the female reproductive system, you can look online. You can also look at discussion forums and even sites like . Visiting your local library is another option if you are looking for more information.