An Amazing News From My Daughter

I recently got the most amazing news from my daughter: I am about to be a first time grandfather. I am absolutely thrilled with the news and cannot wait for my family's new bundle of joy to arrive! Like any grandparent to be, I have vowed to do all the things right for my grandchild that I did not do for my children when they were young. This old dog is ready to learn a few new tricks. I have vowed to myself to spend more time listening and less talking. One of my most important vows has been to stop smoking, not on a temporary basis, but permanently towards which I am always working.

I have always regretted that first decision to light up in my late teens. Now here I am 40 years later still puffing away. One of my biggest regrets as a father is that I exposed my growing children to all that second hand smoke. I have promised myself to stop smoking by the time my grandson or granddaughter is born. I bought myself an electronic cigarette starter kit and the price of Pax Vaporizer which is the brand I opted for, looks a lot more affordable. I am ready to wean my body off the nicotine it has craved for four decades. I will do this!